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“Your traffic safety program is an excellent course!!! My 16 year old son takes his road course next Friday for his driver’s license and I’m going to have him take your online course!" - Marc Stromen Traffic Student, Lyon County … Read More...

Auto Insurance Monitoring

Assures no-insurance offenders comply with the Courts and alleviates the need for unnecessary court appearances.


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Check Righter

A web-based solution enabling Prosecutors to provide true, state-of-the-art recovery programs for their communities.


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Delinquent Tax Program

Print, stuff and mail delinquent tax notices on the Prosecutor's behalf.




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Diversion Manager

The online behavior-changing programs that help
clear the docket while generating funds for your office.


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Divert Direct

The online program that allows users to enroll in behavior-changing web-based instruction and demonstrate responsible personal growth.


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Pay My Jailer

Helps you recover booking, boarding and other fees that might subsequently be lost.



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Traffic Safety Program

The online diversion program that fills the gap between “forgive and forget” and prosecution.



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Warrant Manager

An online solution designed to assist prosecutors in the creation and management of warrants, summonses and subpoenas.


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