Prosecutor Traffic Safety Program

The online diversion program that fills the gap between “forgive and forget” and prosecution.

Provides an alternative for offenders that helps cure the problem. 

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Click to enlarge’s Prosecutor Traffic Safety Program is an online driving education program that allows prosecutors to divert qualified offenders into a positive prevention experience…plugging the gap between ticket forgiveness and court. It provides a valuable alternative to traffic school and clears your docket of many traffic offenses. Plus, it provides an additional fee revenue stream for your office and the state – funds to help meet budgetary needs at both levels.

Drivers like it because they can take the class, pass the test, and avoid points on their license…all in the comfort of their own homes. And, it can significantly improve their traffic safety in the future.

Here’s how it works.

Violators log on to the web, view the traffic and driving skills tutorial and take a test to gauge what they’ve learned. Upon completion of the assigned course, their score is transmitted to the Prosecutor’s Office. For those who don’t have online access, a DVD instructional video and accompanying mail-back test is available as an alternative.

Benefits to the Prosecutor
  • Provides a behavior-changing alternative to both local and out-of-state offenders
  • Provides a diversion option with consequences and accountability
  • Helps clear the docket of less-serious cases and provides a consistent way to handle dismissals
  • Can provide supplemental funds for budgetary needs at both the local and state levels
  • Provides reporting to measure success of the program – Audit trail of cases and funds collection
  • No additional staffing requirements to offer the program – No upfront costs
  • No software or hardware to install or maintain
Benefits to the Driver
  • Gives them a way to avoid costly points on their license and related insurance rate adjustments
  • Furnishes instruction with consequences and accountability to help make them better, safer, law-abiding drivers
  • Can be taken in the comfort of their own home
  • Can be taken any time of day or night