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Advent Provides a Wide Range of Solutions provides a variety of unique solutions to government agencies across the country. These technology-based solutions add efficiency to government while often adding unbudgeted additional funds to your bottom line. A few of the additional solutions Advent offers are listed below.

Delinquent Tax Fulfillment

Delinquent Tax Services from Advent prints, stuffs, and mails delinquent tax notices on behalf of Prosecutor's. This service helps to alleviate the annual stress and anxiety experienced in the office.

Whether it is the first or a subsequent notice, adventfs will make sure your letters are processed promptly and correctly. adventfs can create the letters from an electronic file provided by the Clerk. If a file is not available, we'd be happy to manually key in the needed information.

Payment Plans

Advent will work with your office to offer qualified constituents additional payment options. Constituents can pay by credit card or will follow an agreed-upon payment schedule that works for them and you. In the event a payment is missed, adventfs will promptly notify your office for further action to be taken.

Warrant Manager

Warrant Manager is a web-based solution designed to assist Prosecutors in the creation and management of warrants, summonses and subpoenas. Warrant Manager effectively automates many of the day-to-day activities involved in handling complaints. Warrant Manager can be accessed from any location with an internet connection; its security and encryption ensures the integrity of the system.

Subpoena Manager

Subpoena Manager allows you to create and follow subpoenas. Users are able to issue and manage subpoenas through the application. It will notify officers when they need to be in court and of the evidence that needs to be produced. As well, Subpoena Manager also monitors schedules avoiding conflicts to ensure appropriate resources are available when needed. This helps to keep the court and justice on track.

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