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Advent eLearning
Pay My Jailer
Sentry File

Provides efficiencies to agencies using it while helping those who need it

  • Evidence-based education programs

  • Over 20 programs to choose from

  • Delivers and manages online education that addresses first-time and low-level offenses

  • Lowers recidivism rates

  • End-to-end management from registration to completion

  • Robust reporting

Generates revenue while lowering detention center costs

  • Gives former detainees a convenient payment method 

  • Increases recoveries

  • Requires no additional staff

  • The money is handled outside of your system

  • Free-to-you billing and payment solution for detention centers

  • Recover outstanding booking and boarding fees

Digitize documents and actually find them later

  • Integrate paper and electronic documents into an online filing system

  • Workflow document routing

  • Multiple ways of searching to ensure quick document retrieval

  • Autocapture info to automatically file documents


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