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The Advent of efficiency is here. 

Providing cloud-based solutions for organizations making a difference at work and in our communities.

Advent eLearning

The perfect alternative for first-time as well as low and mid-level offenders. The positive preventive experience can give offenders a new beginning to a better, more socially responsible life.

Pay My Jailer

The billing and payment solution that helps you recover booking, boarding and other fees that might subsequently be lost. 

Sentry File

Integrate paper and electronic documents into an online filing system with all the tools today's digital office demands, in a single, web-based package.

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Advent eVidence

The Advent eVidence platform allows prosecutors to consolidate, organize and prepare all digital evidence efficiently and effectively around criminal cases.

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Provides efficiencies to agencies using it while helping those who need it

  • Evidence-based education programs

  • Over 20 programs to choose from

  • Delivers and manages online education that addresses first-time and low-level offenses

  • Lowers recidivism rates

  • End-to-end management from registration to completion

  • Robust reporting

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Digital evidence management for prosecution offices

  • Organize, prepare and share evidence efficiently and effectively

  • Fully configurable to comply with the policies and regulations of your organization

  • Affordably priced according to your evidence storage needs and retention policies

  • Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

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Generates revenue while lowering detention center costs

  • Gives former detainees a convenient payment method 

  • Increases recoveries

  • Requires no additional staff

  • The money is handled outside of your system

  • Free-to-you billing and payment solution for detention centers

  • Recover outstanding booking and boarding fees

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Digitize documents and actually find them later

  • Integrate paper and electronic documents into an online filing system

  • Workflow document routing

  • Multiple ways of searching to ensure quick document retrieval

  • Autocapture info to automatically file documents


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