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New Updates to the Advent eLearning Platform

New features and updates are being added to the Advent eLearning Platform. The upcoming Winter Release will expand upon the already robust program management available on the platform. The release will focus on enhanced disposition automation, document and forms management, defendant treatment decisioning, and much more.

The release will go live Sunday, February 26th, please be aware that users may

experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

Disposition Automation

The advanced functionality of the Advent eLearning platform is used by prosecutors throughout the country for high volume traffic diversion and plea reduction programs. The disposition management technology is now available for all types of criminal diversion and plea programs.

Once a defendant or participant completes the program requirements, eLearning notifies agency users that a case is ready for disposition and the case is displayed on the homepage in the disposition table. From there, agency users can then generate documents for dismissals, pleas and more using data captured during the application and treatment processes for applicable court filings.

This release now allows agencies to manage different types of case dispositions from a single page. And the platforms form library allows agencies to pre-load any number of standard disposition forms, including for pleas, dismissals, etc. When an agency user selects the appropriate disposition, the platform automatically populates the form with the appropriate case information and routes that document to the appropriate parties.

For a plea program, this document workflow routes to stakeholders via email to defendants, defense attorneys, and court personnel for signatures and other disposition tasks. With this new release, copies of the documents are also made available on the AeL Student Homepage so that participants, or their attorneys can view, download or print copies at any time.

Dynamic Treatment Decisioning

This release also introduces dynamic treatment decisioning, which works to ensure participants are matched with the treatment programs right for their circumstances. With this feature, defendants can simply apply for general agency consideration instead of applying to a specific program. Once an application is submitted it will appear in the platforms review portal where agency users can assess the case and determine which of the agencies treatment programs best fit the individual and the details of their case.

So, for a prosecutor that operates multiple diversion and plea programs, such as reductions for traffic infractions and deferred prosecution for misdemeanors, agency users can decide which program is appropriate based on the information provided in the application. To ensure that agency users are receiving the relevant information they need the eLearning platform allows agencies to require any number of application fields. These fields can even include the upload of supporting documents such as copies of citations, driving histories/abstracts, proof of insurance, etc. Agency users can then use the review portal to assess all details of the application and then approve the participant for the appropriate program.

This release will also allow agency users to request additional documentation from applicants when it is needed. Agency users simply note what additional documentation is needed from the participant, and the platform sends an email to them, or their defense attorney, letting them know what has been requested.

From the email, participants are sent to the Tools section of the Student Homepage where they can then upload a digital copy of the requested documentation. Once that upload is complete, the agency user is then notified and review it when convenient.

Program Code Routing

In addition to the custom website links and personal URLs (PURLs) available to agencies AeL will now offer unique Program Codes to refer participants to specific online programs. This feature is a great option for agency users who do not wish to deploy links or PURLs. The unique code is a simple and effective way to ensure that participants select the correct agency.

The Program Codes link participants directly to the first step in taking their program, whether that's applying for program participation, registering to begin a treatment program, making a program payment, or simply taking an online treatment course.

Enhanced Customizations

In addition to the custom application fields, this release also now allows for customization of student homepages that participants see. This display can include custom information and instructions for online courses, external units, program fees and more. As well as more program specific customizations, including specific instructions, links to document downloads, agency contact information, and other information specific to what the participant needs to do to complete each step of the program.

This release also gives agencies the ability to create and send custom emails to participants when they apply or register for a treatment program. These can be used to notify participants that they have been approved as well as next steps, and even instructions for unique program requirements.

These emails can also include electronic forms such as waivers that require a signature from the participant prior to beginning treatment. As with all eLearning platform uploads, a copy of these agreements will be stored in the document directory on the assignment/case for agency users to access, view, share and print as needed.

Enhanced Data Export

This release will also allow agency users to export information from all platform tables should that information need to be reviewed or forwarded for review or assessment offline. This includes all data captured in applications, documents uploaded, treatments milestones that participants failed to complete on time, and all assignments that have been successfully completed and are awaiting disposition.

To Learn More

For current Advent clients, please contact Advent Client Services by phone or chat, or send us an email at, with any questions about the new features.


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