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Summer Release Automates Diversion Program Workflow

We’re thrilled to announce the Advent eLearning Summer 2022 release!

The release will go live on Sunday, August 28th. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

The Advent eLearning platform is deployed in a variety of different criminal justice scenarios: from simple student self-enrollment for court-ordered classes, to agency enrollment and outreach to pre-screened diversion candidates, to full end-to-end integration of candidate applications, agency screening, and court case filing in high-volume diversion and reduction programs.

This release introduces Advent's groundbreaking program workflow automation to streamline diversion and alternative sentencing processes to maximize agency efficiency.

Program Requirement Bundling

Agencies can now bundle multiple program requirements into a single "curriculum" and assign all of those requirements to defendants at once. A Program curriculum can include requirements such as Advent online treatment courses, external agency evaluations and treatments, community service requirements, victim restitution and statements, management and supervision fees, and much more.

A defendant or probationer who is assigned to a program can manage and complete each of their requirements from the eLearning student homepage. Once the defendant completes all program requirements, eLearning notifies agency users who can then move the case to disposition.

Program Application Portal

Agencies can also deploy a custom website with a unique PURL (personal URL) that allows defendants to apply for acceptance into a bundled program. Agency users are notified when a defendant applies for a program and can log into the eLearning platform to review those applications. The site also includes Application Fee functionality for agencies that assess fees to cover the costs of applicant case reviews.

All program applications are displayed for agency users on the eLearning homepage table for participant decisioning. Agency users can review applicant details, review supplementary applicant background reports and evaluations, and accept or reject the applicant for participation. If approved, the defendant is provided access into the eLearning system to begin completing their program requirements.

Disposition Portal

Once a defendant completes all program requirements, the case is displayed on the eLearning homepage Disposition Table. From there, agency users can generate form documents for dismissal, plea, etc. to file with courts as appropriate.

With a few clicks, agency users can merge applicable case data into disposition template documents to automatically create PDF forms to be signed and filed. With our unique Division functionality, those documents can be workflow routed via email to defendants, attorneys, and court personnel so each can complete their disposition tasks.

Other Changes

This release will also include a number of additional changes designed to help both defendants and agencies better manage intervention and treatment programs.

  • Reminder emails will be sent to all defendants five days prior to assignment due dates to help keep participants on track with completing their program requirements.

  • Email support improvements, including "Reply" functionality to improve deliverability and allow users to reply back to our dedicated help desk personnel for support on all system-generated emails.

  • Indigent case invoicing can be deployed on an agency-by-agency basis, allowing agencies that deploy defendant-paid treatment to forego fees, or to adjust fees to sliding scales, on a case-by-case basis upon indigency evaluations.

  • Uploads can be disabled on probation and insurance monitoring units to allow probation supervision personnel to better manage unique supervision case handling.

  • Design updates including more intuitive button navigation designs to better assist agency users in navigating among system features and functions.

For current Advent clients, please contact Advent Client Services by phone or chat, or send us an email at, with any questions about the new features. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in a demonstration of eLearning and how it can work for your organization, please contact Advent Sales at


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