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8 things your agency should look for in an eLearning provider

Choosing an eLearning partner to handle diversions and alternative sentencing can be a difficult task. There is much to consider, but in the end, you really want to work with a company that will deliver a platform that requires the least amount of your time to manage while providing the best learning experience and behavior changing outcomes for participants. Here’s a quick list of things to look for.

1 Offense-specific online interventions

Make sure the resource you are considering provides interventions for diversions and alternative sentencing that are available online from anywhere with an internet connection, and on any device, desktop, tablet, and smartphone. You also want to be sure they offer a wide variety of programs addressing many different offenses so you can get all the programs you need from a single reliable resource.

2 Local resource integration

Check into the platform’s capability to integrate local resources into cases. Agencies need to have tools available to assign participants external tasks and to verify their completion through document uploads. There are many kinds of documents that may require integration including diversion agreements, community service logs, counseling sessions and more.

3 Workflow management

What kind of workflow management does the platform offer? Make sure it fully tracks, monitors, and manages students through the entire program. It must communicate with participants from the beginning and throughout the process with varying channels including mail, email, and SMS messaging.

4 Screening and approval

Screening of applicants for eLearning diversions can be cumbersome. You’ll want to be sure this step can be accounted for with screening and approval tools built into the platform you choose.

5 Case tracking and auditing

Tracking and auditing individual cases should be made easy. Keeping track of cases entering the platform should happen automatically and finding information should be easy for reporting on cases with up to the minute accuracy anytime and from anywhere. Convenient and intuitive search capabilities should be included.

6 Payment processing

Automated payment processing should be built-in with reporting on payments included and easily accessible.

7 Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics capabilities are very important to have. This data will give you meaningful insights into the performance of your diversion program. You will want to be able to see a full dashboard of common pre-set reporting capabilities as well as having the ability to run custom reports when needed.

8 Communications

When it comes to working with participants in diversion or alternative sentencing programs, communication is key. They need to understand what to do, when to do it, and where to go flawlessly to ensure successful outcomes. Be sure the platform handles communications from start to finish using multiple channels integrating mail, email and even SMS messaging to reach students wherever they can be found.

Agencies need reliable programs they can count on to save time, reduce paperwork and streamline processes, Advent eLearning courses include content addressing a variety of topics including:

If you are interested in developing new alternative sentencing and diversion options for your agency’s program participants, you can review Advent’s eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account, a guided demonstration, or for more information on our programs. Email Learn more at


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