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Advent eLearning Welcomes Our New Clients


Since 2005, Advent eLearning has provided online solutions for government offices looking to better do their jobs. We value the relationships we have developed, and we work hard to individually serve the needs of each agency. Each client operates with its own unique systems and needs, and we strive to be the best provider of technology-based solutions tailored to the goals of each agency.

Advent has become the go-to resource for prosecutors, probation, judges, sheriffs and other agencies. We have grown to offer a range of products designed to assist over 300 local government agencies across the nation. At Advent, our goal is to make it easier for agencies to focus on their primary task at hand – promoting accountability for their clients and assisting them in making the right choices for their futures. We are proud of our evolving approach to continuous innovation in the care of our clients and look forward to expanding our product catalog. Our forward-thinking team, including financial and information technology experts, will continue to provide high-quality services for our new and existing customers well into the future.

We Serve Over 300 Agencies Across the US

Advent eLearning has become a trusted resource for over 300 government agencies across the United States. Here is a list of new agencies we’ve added in 2019:

12th Judicial District Attorney’s Office (CO)

21st Judicial District (LA)

8th Judicial Circuit – Alachua  (FL)

Addison County Diversion (VT)

Barren County Attorney (KY)

Belknap County Court Diversion (NH)

Boone County Prosecuting Attorney (IN)

Bourbon County Attorney (KY)

Boyle County Attorney’s Office (KY)

Bracken County Attorney (KY)

Calcasieu Parish PreTrial (LA)

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office – ADAP (FL)

City Court of Hammond (LA)

City of Thibodaux (LA)

Clark County Attorney’s Office (KY)

Cleveland Municipal Court (OH)

Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (IN)

Denver District Attorney’s Office (CO)

Desoto County Probation (FL)

District Attorney’s Office 37th Judicial Circuit (AL)

Dodge County Attorney (NE)

Dodson Mayors Court (LA)

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department (CO)

Jefferson County Diversion Services (NE)

Lancaster Department of Community Corrections (NE)

Langlade County (WI)

Lehigh County DA (PA)

Logan County Sheriff (CO)

Manatee County Probation (FL)

Marion County Attorney (KY)

Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney (IN)

Martin County Attorney (KY)

Muhlenberg County Attorney (KY)

Nassau County District Attorney (NY)

Office of the State Attorney 12th Judicial Circuit (FL)

Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (FL)

Ontario County (NY)

Platte County Attorney (NE)

Posey County Prosecuting Attorney (IN)

Rowan County Attorney (KY)

Scott County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (IN)

Simpson County Detention Center (KY)

Steamboat Springs Municipal Court (CO)

Teller County Sheriff (CO)

Thayer County Diversion Services (NE)

Union County Attorney (KY)

Warren County Regional Jail (KY)

Waterloo Town Court (NY)

York County (PA)

York County Attorney (NE)

We’re Glad to Have You

We’re constantly striving to expand our course content in order to provide prosecutors, judges, and probation officers new options for diversion, sentencing, and sanction applications for a wide range of offenders. We look forward to building our futures together.


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