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Advent Licenses “IMPACT” Documentary for Alcohol and Substance Interventions

Advent has licensed the documentary IMPACT: AFTER THE CRASH for use in its alcohol and substance abuse intervention programs for the criminal justice system. The documentary is licensed from Indie Rights, the exclusive global distributor of the film.

Directed by Jason Epperson and co-produced by Harold Dennis, IMPACT: AFTER THE CRASH explores the horrific Carrollton, Kentucky bus crash of May 14, 1988, which killed 27 people (mostly children) and injured nearly 35 others, the worst drunk-driving related accident in U.S. history.

The documentary takes viewers back to that fateful night including a dramatic recreation of the accident and explores how those who lost family and friends have over the years both suffered and recovered from their pain and losses. The film offers a stirring exploration of what it means to try to recover your life, when in an instant, everything is turned upside down.

Advent will offer the documentary on its Advent eLearning platform used by prosecutors and courts across the country for intervention programs in criminal diversions and alternative sentencing. The documentary will serve as a victim impact component to Advent’s evidence-based education for alcohol, marijuana and other substance abuse interventions.

“We’re proud to bring this important lesson to people across this country who really need to learn it,” said Josh Hartlage, President of Advent. “Our company is headquartered in Hardin County Kentucky, home to the victims of this tragedy, so it’s a story that is also personal for many of us at Advent.”

"We are thrilled to be able to make this film available for use by Advent's important program," added Linda Nelson, CEO of Indie Rights.

According to Epperson, the film’s director and owner of Eppic Films, “It is incredible to see our film continue to make an impact. I knew during the filming process that we were a part of something special and I am honored to have been a part of this project and to continue to see the lives it touches. On behalf of all the producers of the film, we are very thankful for Advent and their efforts to use this film to reach a whole new audience, to share this incredible story of the devastation caused and felt by the families who lost loved ones, and to help combat alcohol and substance abuse in our society.”

Harold Dennis is a survivor of the crash and co-produced the documentary. According to Dennis, “From day one, the primary goals of the documentary were to memorialize the 27 lives that were lost and provide a vehicle to serve as their eternal voice. I am humbled by the success of the film in continuing to achieve those goals, and the opportunity to expand our reach, by serving as positive reinforcement for men and women who may be suffering from dependence and seeking alternatives to incarceration.”

The IMPACT program will be made available on the Advent eLearning platform for criminal justice agency use in early 2021. In addition to the documentary itself, the learning module will require students to participate in providing responses to the documentary. Student participation verification and responses will be made available to assigning criminal justice agencies for review.

Criminal justice agencies interested in learning more about the IMPACT program and the Advent eLearning platform should contact their Advent sales representative or send an email to


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