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Advent Offers Animal Care Program

Animal abuse and neglect is a problem plaguing Kentucky. Recently, a Grayson County woman was arrested after police found several of her horses starving and malnourished in a field. The police had to put one horse that could no longer walk down, and the rest were seized by the local animal control office. The woman was arrested and charged with six counts of second-degree cruelty toward animals and is now awaiting arraignment. Sadly, this isn’t an isolated occurrence, and many animals are harmed each day by irresponsible owners.

An Alternative Solution

In cases like this, a court may recommend more rehabilitative options in lieu of or in addition to traditional sentencing. Advent’s Animal Care course is a self-guided, online eLearning curriculum designed to provide students with general knowledge of animal laws and how they apply to situations of animal cruelty. The program also dives into the psychological drivers behind animal hoarding and other animal abuse issues. Users will also receive education on proper medical care for animals, housing, and other topics to inform users on how to properly care for the animals they own.

How Does It Work?

Advent’s courses are designed around an evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment approach that offers a more therapeutic approach toward sentencing. Our users are provided with multiple choice questions, interactive exercises, and open-response questions throughout the course and will receive real-time feedback on their responses. The students’ responses are recorded for review by caseworkers, and students are able to repeat or review any section as needed. A final review and test will be included at the end of each program.

Our platform features a full suite of communication tools designed to keep your students on track. Whether it’s through mail, email, or text messaging, you will receive a notification as soon as a user passes or fails their assigned class. You will also have immediate access to the users’ completion certificates for your case and court files.

Why Choose Advent?

Advent eLearning’s Animal Care course has a variety of uses for police, prosecutor, and court-directed criminal justice applications:

  • Better use of criminal justice resources for low-level offenders

  • Encourages accountability for offenders

  • Avoids the collateral consequences to offenders after exposure to courts and jails

  • Treats out-of-area offenders who don’t have access to local courts or classrooms

  • Reduces recidivism by educating offenders about behavioral impacts and strategies for change

The costs of the course can be paid by the defendant or community and grant funding. The courses may also be combined with Advent’s other restorative justice eLearning programs, community service, and restitution payments.

Ready to Get Started?

Animal Care is one of several online eCurricula available from Advent eLearning designed to address a wide range of criminal behaviors. Is your organization looking for alternative sentencing options? You can review Advent’s eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account or a guided demonstration.


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