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Advent Provides Flexibility, Success

“Bexar County’s partnership with Advent has been nothing but efficient and effective. Their courses meet our high requirements and expectations that are set forth by both our courts and district attorney’s office. They offer flexibility to be contacted at any time to assist for trainings, also offering video conferences to provide a more meaningful customer service experience to my staff of officers and our client population. As a high-volume county, we appreciate the ease and efficiency of the enrollment papers provided to us by Advent in order to allow my staff time-saving instruction and referral processes for class referral, enrollment, and successful completion.”

- Sarah Roitz, Supervisor, Bexar County Pretrial Services

This quote illustrates Advent’s unparalleled commitment toward excellence and success. Our goal at Advent is to enable organizations to focus on their mission at hand: to protect, empower, and change their communities for the better. To learn more about how Advent can benefit you, contact us today.


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