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“An excellent program that fits our needs perfectly”

Henderson County Kentucky, shared notes concerning their experience with the Advent e-Learning platform stating, “It is an excellent program that fits our needs perfectly.” Advent is proud to add this statement to a growing list of extremely satisfied customers.

They went on to say, “The program encourages self-reflection and critical thinking that may encourage participants to make better choices.” Advent eLearning programs are designed not only as a consequence to an offender’s actions, but also to educate offenders and to affect real changes in their behavior. Our programs are developed with the help of PhD level consultation concerning subject matter and a cognitive approach to learning that provides the most value to the offender and to the safety of the communities in which they reside.

If you are interested in learning more about diversion programs providing real world results our customers are experiencing, find out more about what Advent eLearning can do for your organization by clicking here, or send us an email at


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