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Introducing Advent eLearning’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Level II Program

Advent eLearning is always looking for new ways to expand the range of our course content. Our mission is to innovate and provide new sentencing and diversion options for prosecutors, judges, and probation officers looking to best serve their clients and communities.

A Graduated Approach to Diversion

Advent offers a wide range of courses designed to fit the needs of clients. Level II courses last from 4 to 8 hours and are useful for repeat misdemeanor offenders and for first-time offenders who have more severe charges or extenuating circumstances.

Advent’s Level II courses are specifically useful in instance of probation and parole, with the release of Level II courses enabling a graduated or progressive approach to diversion and sanctions.  These eLearning courses provide offenders who violate their parole or probation an effective alternative to serving jail time or having their parole or probation revoked.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Level II

The United States is plagued with issues of alcohol, prescription medication, and illicit drug abuse. Whatever the substance may be, individuals as well as communities are overwhelmed with the consequences of becoming addicted to these dangerous substances. Because substance abuse can evolve quickly from experimentation to habitual abuse and dependency, it’s vital to receive intervention as soon as possible.

Advent’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program aids students in understanding their attraction to alcohol and drugs, their thought patterns surrounding the use of the substance, and how to avoid and alter the chain of decisions that lead to further abuse. The program educates users on how to change their unhealthy thinking and find new, healthier ways of coping with their issues that don’t involve substance abuse.

How Does It Work?

Advent’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program is a self-guided program that educates users on the signs and science behind alcohol and substance abuse, including the impacts and consequences faced by the student and their loved ones. The program also educates on techniques and resources available for users who have alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Advent’s Level II courses are designed around Corrective Thinking, an evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment approach. Corrective Thinking is broken down into the following segments:

  • Learning (Learning Styles | Punishment and Deterrence)

  • Being (Positive Outlook | Self Worth)

  • Living (Food Choices | Physical Activity Sleep | Stress)

  • Knowing (Communication | Conflict | Challenges)

  • Choosing (Decision Making | Behavior | Values and Goals)

  • Doing (Final Review | Next Steps)

Contact Us

Is your organization looking for new sentencing and diversion options? Advent offers a wide range of options for organizations looking to better serve their clients and communities. You can review Advent’s eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Reach out today for a trial account, a guided demonstration, or for more information on our programs.


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