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See what's new in the Advent eLearning Spring Release

We're excited to announce the Spring 2022 release of the Advent eLearning platform!

This new release will go live on Sunday, May 1st. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

The Advent eLearning platform is deployed in a variety of different criminal justice scenarios: from simple student self-enrollment for court-ordered classes, to agency enrollment and outreach to pre-screened diversion candidates, to full end-to-end integration of candidate applications, agency screening, and court case filing in high-volume diversion and reduction programs.

This release focuses on integrating workflow management of external requirements into the eLearning platform to complement our online intervention courses. Now Advent eLearning clients can also use the platform to manage and track offline requirements and conditions as part of their overall management of diversion or alternate sentence programs.

Document Uploads The system now allows defendants to upload proof documents on the system website that agency users review to verify those defendants completed an intervention program requirement that took place outside of the eLearning platform. These document types can include diversion or sentencing agreements, community service logs, completion certificates from group therapy sessions or clinician visits, drug test results, and more.

Caseworker Notifications Agency personnel receive email notifications when a document upload is completed by a defendant. Agencies can choose to have those notifications delivered immediately to the caseworker assigned to that defendant's case, or receive a daily batch notification email of all uploads that took place that day.

Document Review and Acceptance All defendant document uploads are displayed on a single table on the homepage of the eLearning client application. Agency users simply click to view the uploaded proof document and then click to verify that the document satisfies the program requirement. That task is then marked as completed, and all uploaded documents, whether approved or declined, are visible and accessible from that defendant's case record, along with any other documents that agency users want to upload to the case.

Enhanced UI Views The Spring 2022 release also includes a number of enhancements to the agency user interface to improve site navigation and usability. These enhancements include a more compact display of all site components and more intuitive use of buttons and colors to cue users through case management functions and system workflow processes.

To Learn More

The Advent eLearning platform is a fully web-based online treatment application provided at no cost to criminal justice agencies. All costs are based on interventions delivered, either by passing intervention costs to defendants or invoicing clients per intervention.

Existing Advent clients should contact Advent Client Services ( if you need assistance in using this new functionality. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in hearing more about this new functionality and how it can work for your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at


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