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Title: Winter 2021 Release Enhances Diversion Programming Management

We're excited to announce the Winter 2021 release of the Advent eLearning platform!

This new release will go live on Sunday, January 23rd. Please be aware that users may experience a short period of disruption while the new version is deployed.

The Advent eLearning platform is deployed in a variety of different criminal justice scenarios: from simple student self-enrollment for court-ordered classes, to agency enrollment and outreach to pre-screened diversion candidates, to full end-to-end integration of candidate applications, agency screening, and court case filing in high-volume diversion and reduction programs.

This release focuses on improving the processes involved in assigning and managing intervention programming by criminal justice agency personnel.

Redesigned Case Layout The newly-designed layout of the Assignment Detail page gives agency users a cleaner, simpler view of all case information, including grouping information by defendant demographics, contact information, case and court data, and intervention progress.

Now all information is displayed and accessible from a single page, giving users fast access to: all programming components (units), a full audit view of all actions taken on the case, full view of all notifications/communications delivered, all site login activity by defendants, and all documents (images) uploaded to the case by any defendant or agency user.

eLearning Course Descriptions The system now provides agency users with full descriptions of each of Advent’s 30 online courses so they can select and assign the appropriate treatment protocol for each defendant and offense.

These descriptions summarize each curriculum available/approved for assignment by each individual agency, including topics covered, learning objectives, targets (adult or juvenile), treatment methodology, course length, and delivery media/formats.

More Client Service Options The release gives agency users more power to assist defendants in unique situations and scenarios without escalating these cases to Advent Client Services personnel for resolution.

For defendants without internet access, agency users can now assign those users Advent interventions in workbook formats instead. Users simply select workbook as the alternate format when assigning an intervention, and Advent does the rest, including priority shipping workbooks to defendants, providing instructions on returning completed workbooks, grading student tests, and posting scores to the student assignment.

Agency users also now have the ability to “administratively pass” students that may be having difficulty completing an online intervention due to low educational attainment or literacy. In these cases, Advent will not assign a test score to the unit, and the system will provide a fully-auditable record of client agency users who approved the administrative pass.

Recurring and Supplemental Programming Management The student homepage has been redesigned to allow for better defendant self-service in managing and fulfilling recurring and supplemental/offline program requirements.

For recurring defendant obligations like probation and insurance monitoring, program payment plans, restitution payments, etc., each obligation is displayed in a cleaner, tabular format to allow defendants to view and manage their obligations to stay on track with their assignments. From there, defendants can make payments, retrieve receipts from past payments, retrieve copies of course certificates, and request extensions of due dates.

The new design also allows defendants to upload documents/images as proof of completion for supplemental or external program requirements. These documents can include proofs of insurance for monitoring programs, completed community service forms, and certificates of completion from “offline” interventions such as classroom/group treatments or therapist sessions.

To Learn More

The Advent eLearning platform is a fully web-based online treatment application provided at no cost to criminal justice agencies. All costs are based on interventions delivered, either by passing intervention costs to defendants or invoicing clients per intervention.

Existing Advent clients should contact Advent Client Services ( if you need assistance in using this new functionality. If you’re not a current Advent client and are interested in hearing more about this new functionality and how it can work for your organization, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at


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