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Advent Offers Premier Alternative Sentencing Programs for Traffic Offenders

Advent eLearning uses Strategies for Survival, a defensive driving course used by prosecutors and courts across the nation for traffic diversions, deferrals, reductions, and other alternative sentencing programs. This program has been developed and is maintained by the Gold Cross Safety Corporation. This veteran-owned business is a leading developer and provider of proven and innovative “Attitudinal and Behavioral”-based driver training, loss control, and mitigation courseware and services. Gold Cross Safety Corporation’s training programs are used by hundreds of major corporations and federal, state, and municipal agencies. The program provides proven results in accident-rate reduction.

The defensive driving course is delivered through Advent’s eLearning management platform. Using Advent’s unique funds processing and disbursement capabilities, prosecutors can generate much-needed funds for their offices while still sharing revenue with court clerks, law enforcement, and other important state and local traffic safety agencies. This provides local courts with the opportunity to clear traffic court dockets without having to lose out on critically important operating funds.

Here’s a look at how this program allows your agency to provide alternative sentencing while still keeping your community safe and generating much-needed revenue.

Strategies for Survival

For around the same cost of a traffic ticket, users who take the Strategies for Survival defensive driving course learn vitally important defensive driving techniques. This program is designed as an alternative sentence to harsher punishment, allowing students an opportunity to earn point forgiveness and keep insurance rates low while still maintaining the safety of your community’s roads. Advent’s defensive driving program can be used to fit the unique needs of each criminal justice agency, including the following:

  • Proactive marketing to drivers receiving citations

  • Online application, screening, approval, and workflow processes

  • Integration with existing plea, dismissal, and other forms and filings

How Does the Program Work?

Strategies for Survival isn’t a simple PowerPoint presentation. It’s a professionally developed and tested program containing video modules that cover a range of topics, including aggressive driving, drowsy and distracted driving, and collision and road obstacle avoidance. The program was designed, developed, and tested to provide real results in order to make your community’s streets safer.

The modular design of the program enables agencies to implement the driver-training curriculum that’s right for their needs. Whether it’s a condensed one-hour version or an extended version that provides six hours of comprehensive online education, the program can be tailored to fit the needs of any agency. All modules include strategies designed to help students retain the knowledge gained from the program, including scored tests. Both students and agency personnel can review the responses of students to ensure the subject matter is being properly mastered and understood.

Contact Us

Are you looking for a way to provide alternative sentencing for traffic offenders in your community? You can review Advent’s eLearning programs with no costs or obligations for your organization. Contact us today for a trial account or a guided demonstration.


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