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New Tehama County offender diversion program up and running

A new pre-filing diversion program is being implemented by the Tehama County District Attorney's Office through the services of AdventFS, a private company which will administer the program, said Tehama County District Attorney Matt Rogers.

“The intent of the program is for the District Attorney's Office to have the ability to route low-level, non-violent and generally first-time offenders around the criminal justice system by offering pre-filing diversion,” Rogers added.

Upon receipt of a crime report, and in-lieu of criminal charges, the offender will be sent notice of their selection to participate in the diversionary program.

If an offender successfully completes the program, or programs, no criminal charges will be filed against them.

However, Rogers explained, if the offender does not successfully complete the program they will face criminal charges in court.

The program consists of online video coursework and tests, or packets to be completed. The course are designed to address the specific causes and effects of the offender's alleged crime.

Rogers said AdventFS also collects restitution as required by the offender, such as in petty theft or bad check cases.

AdventFS charges the offenders a nominal fee for each course, ranging from $50, $75 or $150, but does not charge the district attorney's office for the program.

“The program will not cost taxpayers any money to administer, and is expected to generate cost savings through increased efficiencies,” Rogers added. “Further, neither the District Attorney's Office nor the County of Tehama will be receiving any revenue from AdventFS.”

Offenses the district attorney's office will be targeting through the program are simple possession of a controlled substance, possession of controlled substance paraphernalia, drunk in public, petty theft, a limited amount of truancy cases and bad check cases.

Rogers said the offenders will be individually vetted for the program by his office before the program is offered.

As the insurance of public safety is the stated mission of Rogers, any offenders who pose any degree of risk to public safety will not be offered the diversionary program, he added.

A secondary benefit to the program is possible reduction in recidivism and future criminality.

For more information on AdventFS, go online to, also call the Criminal Prosecution Division of the District Attorney's Office at 527-3053 to confirm any notice received.

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