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The Benefits of eLearning

The concept of online learning is on the minds of many right now. With public health concerns at an all-time high, remote communication is becoming more important than ever. But there are more benefits to an eLearning platform than just providing increased flexibility for users and providers. Let’s take a look at the benefits offered by online learning platforms.

eLearning Appeals to All Learning Styles

Since eLearning platforms are able to incorporate such a wide range of media and content, eLearning opens up new avenues that appeal to learners of all styles. These platforms allow students to engage in concepts and interact directly with the material, as opposed to more traditional styles of lecture. Offering a range of content that appeals to all learning styles increases the chance of students properly absorbing the material and increasing their comprehension of the subject matter.

eLearning Empowers Student Engagement

eLearning platforms also offer a level of interaction that keeps students involved from start to finish. In addition to offering an array of content that appeal to multiple learning styles, eLearning provides a chance to engage students with a wide range of multimedia that can provide a much wider variety of sensory cues compared to learning in a traditional classroom setting.

eLearning Allows Students to Learn at Their Own Pace

eLearning also empowers students to learn at a pace that’s best for them. These programs eliminate the discrepancies between student comprehension and pace of learning that so often occur in traditional classroom settings. eLearning programs typically allow users to review program materials as much time as necessary in order to comprehend the materials.

eLearning Still Provides Accountability

A common concern when it comes to eLearning is the lack of accountability for students. However, there is still a level of increased accountability when it comes to eLearning. Depending on the program, there are numerous methods implemented that are designed to enforce student accountability and ensure students are correctly engaging with the material. For example, many eLearning programs include timers that ensure students are required to spend certain amounts of time viewing a video or reading material prior to moving forward with the course.

eLearning is Supported by Research

The numerous benefits of eLearning do not come at the expense of learning outcomes. Since the advent of eLearning, statistical studies have proven its efficacy: “There are a large number of studies that find positive statistically significant effects for student learning outcomes in the online or hybrid format compared to the traditional face-to-face format. Some of the positive learning outcomes are improved learning as measured by test scores, student engagement with the class material, improved perception of learning and of the online format, stronger sense of community among students, and reduction in withdrawal or failure.” - Excerpt from The Effectiveness of Online Learning (2015) by T. Nguyen

Advent eLearning

Advent harnesses the power of eLearning to make it easier for criminal justice professionals across the nation to focus on their primary task at hand - promoting accountability for their clients and assisting them in making the right choices for their futures. We offer a wide range of eLearning programs that offer alternative sentencing options that provide a more rehabilitative alternative to traditional sentencing. Reach out to us today for more information.


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